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December 29, 2022

OSHAWA, Ontario - After the conclusion of the 2022 Canadian Junior Cup, two teams have emerged victorious.

Team Einspieler (St. Gallen, SUI) finished the round robin with a 2-1 record, posting a 8-2 win of Team Deschenes (Ottawa, CAN), dropping a 5-1 loss to Team Scheel (Eau Claire, USA), and finishing off with a 6-2 win over Team Shaw (Grimsby, CAN).

The 2-1 record combined with their LSD gave them a direct berth to the quarter-finals. Their quarter-final game was a rematch of their opening game, posting a 5-3 win over Team Deschenes (Ottawa, CAN). In their semi-final game, Team Einspieler took an 8-5 victory over against 2017 Canadian Junior Cup champions Team Croisier (Sudbury, CAN). In the championship match, Team Einspieler faced off against Team Cave, where second, Emily Middaugh, was looking to claim back to back titles. In a hard fought match, Team Einspieler took the final point in the extra end, claiming the 2022 Canadian Junior Cup title. This is the third time in history where a Swiss team has won the event, with the first Swiss winner being familiar face, Silvana Tirinzoni.

Since Team Einspieler cannot win the right to represent Canada at the Swiss Cup, as the highest ranking Canadian team, Team Cave will wear the maple leaf and play off against the Swiss at this Swiss Cup, February 24-26, 2023 in Bern, SUI.

Team Dobson (Burlington, CAN) finished the round robin as the only team with a perfect record taking a 5-4 win over Team Rooney (Toronto, CAN), a 7-3 win over Team Jermann (Basel, SUI), a 5-3 win over Team King (Ottawa, CAN), and a 6-4 win over Team Stratton (London, CAN). The quarter-final game was a rematch of a round robin match, with Team Dobson posting another 5-3 win over Team King (Ottawa, CAN). Their semi-final match was another rematch, with Team Dobson posting a 4-3 win over Team Jermann (Basel, SUI). In the championship match, we saw another rematch with Team Dobson emerging victorious in a 3-2 win over Team Stratton (London, CAN). As the Canadian victors, Team Dobson will wear the maple leaf on their backs, when they travel to Bern, SUI to play off in the Swiss Cup.

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