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The WFG Canadian Junior Cup

Odds are if you know someone who curled competitively as a junior in the GTA, they know the WFG Canadian Junior Cup - or at least an iteration of it.

Known over the years by many names, the SunLife Juniorspiel, the TCA Youth Championships and now the WFG Canadian Junior Cup, the event has brought young curlers together for over four decades.

The inaugaural event, held in December of 1980, saw familiar faces, Glenn Howard and Alison Goring, as SunLife Juniorspiel champions. The winners travelled to Scotland in its first year.

From the second event in 1981 and beyond, Switzerland became a notable part of the event to everyone who participated. The last Swiss Exchange occurred during the 2008/2009 season. With the winners of the 2009 edition, travelling to Vancouver 2010 Olympic Games to watch the curling event.

Through the 2010s, the event lacked it’s cultural component while still maintaining it’s marquee status on the junior curling calendar.

The 2019 edition saw the return of the Swiss exchange, marking it place back in its history.


In 2021, the event separated from the Toronto Curling Association to become an independent, allowing the event to grow and flourish.

In February 2023, the first iteration of the WFG Canadian Junior Cup champions traveled to Switzerland to finally participate in the Swiss Exchange. 

Our values



We have found many curling events across Canada lack one aspect that made curling what it was - fun - and we're looking to change that, through our offerings.



Whether it's the friendships you make with your teammates, or your competitors, we think it's important to celebrate the relationships you make off the ice.



We pride ourselves in providing the best competition, and everyone is welcome! We offer both U21 and U18 through our Runback U18 Championship.

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