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Switzerland 2023

Here is a look at the Swiss Exchange in 2023! Team Cave and Team Dobson represented Canada at the Swiss Cup in Bern, Switzerland. This is the highlight reel of their experience!  Your team could be next.


February 21 - toronto

Depart for Switzerland

Onward! Team Cave and Team Dobson hours before crossing the Atlantic, to embark on a journey of a lifetime in Switzerland.

February 22 - St. Gallen

Friendly Games

In the beautiful St. Gallen, teams get their first taste of Switzerland ice.  Team Cave and Team Dobson played exhibition games against local teams, Team Einspieler and Team Brauchli.


February 22 - St. Gallen

Traditional Swiss Raclette Dinner

Nothing like traditional Swiss cuisine! The Canadians and their opponents were treated to an authentic Swiss delicacy, Raclette.  Prepared for the teams by the St. Gallen hosts, there were no crumbs left!

February 23 - St. Gallen

Breakfast and Bakery Mini tour

A staple of a Swiss diet - fresh bread.  Team Cave and Team Dobson enjoyed a fresh breakfast and a small tour of the bakery and baking process.


February 23 - Flawil

Maestrani's chocolarium

When you think Switzerland, you think Swiss chocolate. Team Cave and Team Dobson were treated to a tour of Maestrani's Chocolarium. If Willy Wonka's chocolate factory was real - this would be it!

February 24 - Bern

Swiss Cup Day 1

It's game time! The first day of round robin commenced and both Team Cave and Team Dobson were off to a great start.


February 25 - bern

Swiss Cup Day 2

Through the second day of round robin, both Team Cave and Team Dobson qualify for the play off round. In their time off, teams enjoy the City of Bern.

February 26 - Bern

Swiss Cup Day 3

The final day saw familiar faces as Team Dobson edged Team Jermann in the semi final, and moved on to become Swiss Cup champions. Team Cave faced Team Einspieler in the championship final and falling to the Canadian Junior Cup champions out of Switzerland.


February 26 - bern

Dinner with host families

Curlers were billeted by incredible hosts and were treated just like family.  A final celebration after the Swiss Cup allowed teams to show their hosts their gratitude.

February 27 - Braunwald

Swiss Alps Hike

A hike up an elevation of 1.5km, Team Hoesli hosted the Canadian delegation.  Nothing can compare to the views from the Swiss Alps.


February 27 - Braunwald

MOUNTAin top lunch

A great reward for an uphill battle. At the top of the mountain, the teams enjoyed pizza, drinks and good times, with incredible views from the peak.

February 27 - Glarus

Swiss Fondue DInner

The final day in Switzerland concluded with a traditional fondue dinner at the Glarus Curling Club, prepared by Team Hoesli. 

Image by angela pham

February 28 - Zurich

Return to Canada

Teams returned to Zurich to board the flight back home to Canada, returning after an incredible week with a life time of experiences.

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